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Mafia Klvb

A murderer´s catharsis…a love story.

They can not reveal their identities, through music they create for an instant their reality.

keeping it incognito will save their lives, and also yours….

a bag full of diamonds, a busy bitch, a DJ Kash and lots of surprise…

do you want to know their story? they will, in other words, tell it to you.

you better behave, you better respect….you better not fuck with them.


an intimate story, that we will never see from inside. 

Rich Busy Bitch, her real name is unknown, was a mafia boss’s official cunt. Being tired of his dirty hands, she ends up killing him, successfully escaping with a bag full of diamonds. 

Finding herself in the airport in Kazakhstan, she meets Dj Kash. Another runaway, but in this case he runs away from his land, his family and the social pressure behind. He wants to play in the decks, he needs the money to get into that plane. 

It was love at first sight.

With a staged spectacle the two lovers want to escape the death treats of the mafia searching for them throwing magic, making a big mess.

It may have happened, you may have witnessed, but will never confirm the veracity of this story, did it ever happened? Was it all a dream? How could have ended up like this? Who were those freaks? Let’s find out the real story behind the legendary Mafia Klvb. 

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