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A collection of 30 NFTs based on Philip Topolovacs “I’ve never been to Berghain”. A full-scale cork model of the world-famous Berlin club executed in various sizes, cites a modeling technique popular in the Baroque period, thus transforming this place of longing in the present into a relic of future memories.

The limited NFT-series “I´ve never been to…” executed over many long Berlin nights in collaboration with Digital Artist Neopen, transfers Topolovacs artistic craftsmanship into a playful digital dimension, capturing fantasies, cliches and desires around this contemporary place of longing. In unique variations the owner gets a nightlife fantasy in limbo; behind glass, but close to reach.

Stepping into Berlin’s nightlife you never know how that night will end…
Ditto for our randomly sold collection, where 15 NFTs are identical and 15 NFTs contain unique versions of the artwork, giving the minter a 1:2 chance on a unique NFT.

In a further drop end of summer, the 5 holders only will be able to receive a unique tools to smash the glass in a heist move kind of style and receive an exclusive version of the original model as a bonus.


  • Scan the original art piece "I´ve never been to Berghain" from Philip Topolovac in every detail using photogrammetry
  • Create 30 digital art NFTs - of which 15 are unique versions
  • 05/25/22 - Project launch at NFT Berlin Conference with the artists Philip Topolovac and Neopen
  • Randomly sell 30 NFTs on Ethereum - 1:2 chance to receive a unique version
  • Reveal all NFTs by ID Shift based on the Smart Contract after #30 is sold
  • Q3 - Create 5 individual tool NFTs to free the art piece from its glass cabinet.
  • Q4 - Sale of the 5 NFT tools. Only available for "I´ve never been to..." NFT holders, will upgrade any version by big surprise.
  • Move into metaspace - be part of things to come