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Nicolas André, Neopen

French digital artist and 3d animator based in Berlin.

Nicolas André is above all an active enthusiast in the digital medias profession since more than 20 years. Instead of specializing, he chose to take on his role with pride as an all-rounder of animation and art direction in general. His strong point is his responsiveness to find creative solutions to any request or ideas he explores. With a clean and modern aesthetic, he is more focused in animation as rhythm and movement are really the two pillars of his training, coming from an upstream cinematic background.

With influences from all sides, his work explores the relationship between aesthetics and the art of movement, and his artistic know-how allows each of his explorations to open new horizons to the visual arts community.

«Kinetic art is art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or that depends on motion for its effect..»

«Kinetic Scultpure» serie 101 to 909»

As an NFT artist in my personal time, i like to explore boundaries o logic and motion through innovative concepts that is playful with our sense of perception of reality. Art can be aswel a game, a mind game, beautiful and clever all at once.


A multiLayer visual encryption visual system aiming to a metaverse cypher decryption and nft treasure hunt.


Generative abstract animals inspired by wildlife,anime and sci-fi retrovisuals.

Should i turn left where nothing is right?

Or should i turn right where nothing is left?

I'll keep walking straight...

Whatever is left and whatever is right will come to me.