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Coded Art

DROP 06/02/22


ETH 0.1

Coded Art. What you type is what you see!
Kay Wengierek, a coder from Berlin, has been fascinated by the interfaces between people and technology in connection with the possibilities of the WWW for years. With Shaderpopcorn he explores the artistic side of shaders, using ordinary code as a brush and animation tool for his art.
Wengiereks artworks are primarily based on transition from one state to another, including the dimensions of space, shape, color and time – sometimes repetitive, sometimes never ending.

On the occasion of the 1. NFT Berlin Conference Shaderpopcorn is dropping 20 unique colored Berlin TV Tower NFTs containing just code. A simple text file containing mathematical functions generating animation in realtime. To see the code transforming into its graphic shape connect your wallet + NFT to this viewer: nft.shaderpopcorn.com