HOW TO CONNECT with our POP Poodle NFT

If you just want to visit your POP Poodle NFT quickly, you can find it on OpenSea (the largest marketplace for NFTs) in the POP Collection.

Opensea Screenshot

But if you want to see your POP Poodle in your wallet and take him for a walk, you have to go a few steps first!

Here we explain all the necessary steps to bring your POP Poodle home safe. If you get stuck at any point, try Google. You can find a lot of tutorials for each of the individual steps.

General information:
A wallet is pretty similar to a bank account, but for the blockchain.
You have received a so-called Paper Wallet from us with two QR codes on it.
One QR code is a public key, the other is a private key.
The public key is comparable to an IBAN, to which we sent your POP Poodle. The private key is something like the associated password. You need it if you want to access or move your wallet. And you must not lose or pass it on!

Paper Wallet

1. Download MetaMask

MetaMask Welcome

You must first import your Paper Wallet into a wallet app (e.g. MetaMask) in order to be able to use and manage it. Of course, the whole thing also works with various other wallet providers. We will show you the integration for MetaMask here, because that is the most common wallet solution. MetaMask is available as an app or as a browser extension for the Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge browsers.

If you don’t have MetaMask yet: It’s best to download the app from the Appstore and follow the instructions in the app exactly or set it up as a browser extension in your browser. A link with detailed, illustrated instructions for setting up MetaMask as a browser extension can be found here: How to add Polygon to MetaMask
This link also contains the instructions for step 2 - importing the Polygon network.

2. Set up Polygon network

So, you now have a MetaMask. By default, MetaMask is just connected to Ethereum Chain. However, our POP Poodles do not live on Ethereum, but on Polygon. Therefore you have to integrate the Polygon network (Matic) in MetaMask.

For the browser extension use the instructions in the link How to add Polygon to MetaMask

For the app it works like this: Open MetaMask. Click on the button at the top left.

MetaMask Wallet

Then on “Settings”.

MetaMask Settings

In the menu that opens, go to “Networks”. In the menu that opens now, go to “Add Network” at the bottom. Type the following information into the appropriate fields:

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet
Chain ID: 137
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:\

MetaMask Networks

This is what the result looks like. Now press “Save”.
A short video of step 2 is available here, for example.

By the way, if you have the Coinbase app instead of MetaMask, you don’t have to integrate Polygon, but can simply switch from Ethereum to Polygon under Network settings.

3. Move your Paper Wallet to MetaMask

Now you have to import your Paper Wallet into MetaMask. It’s really easy with the app: Click on the scanner icon at the top right and then scan your PRIVATE KEY! That is it - now you’ve created a new account inside MetaMask with your Paper Wallet.

MetaMask Wallet

The browser extension does not have an integrated scanner, unfortunately you have to type the long number-letter combination into the private key field without mistakes.
Here is an illustrated guide: How to import an account

4. Make the POP Poodle NFT visible on OpenSea in your wallet

Now you can see your poodle on OpenSea (the largest trading platform for NFTs) sitting in your wallet. Go to, click the wallet icon at the top right, then connect your MetaMask.

Make sure that in your MetaMask firstly the correct account (probably “Account 2”) is connected and secondly that the chain “Polygon” and not Ethereum is set as a network.

Then click on the round profile icon next to the wallet icon and chose “Profile”. There should now be a 1 next to the “Hidden” tab. Then click the crossed-out eye symbol and your poodle will become visible.

Opensea Profile

Find a video here

5. Import your POP Poodle NFT into the MetaMask app

If you have installed the app on your mobile, you can now view your POP Poodle under the tab “NFT” - this is not yet possible in the browser extension.

MetaMask NFTs

For this you need the smart contract address and the token ID of your NFT.

The contract address for all POP Poodles is:

The token ID is the individual number behind the # of your poodle, if you took a picture of him minting, you will find the number on the photo as well.

Opensea NFT

You can find also the contract address and the token ID on OpenSea if you have registered there with your wallet. Or at, if you enter your public key in the search box and look under the “ERC-721” tab.


A detailed, illustrated description can be found here: How to add nft to MetaMask

6. Play it safe

Since several people (we, the printer) had your private key in hand in the meantime, it makes sense to play it safe and move your poodle to your newly created MetaMask Account(probably “Account 1”).

To do this, click on your NFT in the app (or on OpenSea - make sure your wallet is connected) and under “Send” or “Transfer” enter the wallet address (in this case “Account 1”) to which you want to send the NFT.

To complete the transaction you will need to fill your wallet with a small amount of crypto (in this case MATIC) to pay the transfer-fee.

MetaMask send NFT

That was really a lot of information - but every beginning is difficult and if you’ve made it this far, then you’ve definitely boosted your crypto level from “Beginner” to “Almost Expert”.