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+++ Who is it? +++

Non-Fungible Tokens by Berlin Local Heroes

BLNFT develops and produces high-quality & non-fungible tokens in collaboration with Berlin-based artists and creatives. From premium 3D art to high-end animations as well as exclusive AR and VR content – our digital playground is an endless space for artistic experimentation. 

NFTs offer countless possibilities to creators. Digital artworks, music, videos, images, VR and AR content can be stored, encrypted and sold via NFT. From scratch to the final drop: we attend, support and accompany creatives and brands from different areas into the digital market. Covering the technical and administrative part which includes the creation of NFTs, we also deliver guidance and strategies to our creators in the terms of creating new and exciting content – from collectibles to innovative NFT concepts for installations and exhibitions.

Creators who join our network will profit in many ways, since the community idea is essential to us. Our portfolio represents the entire creative spectrum of Berlin: from street art, visual art, design, music and the unique city nightlife to three-star chefs, we combine many genres and bring them together through cooperations. Unique and worldwide unprecedented projects and artworks are created at our playground. We bond the Berlin culture and art scene in all aspects and create something new.

We are working process-oriented and have been able to perfect this over the past years. Our team is experienced in the crypto world and deeply rooted in Berlin’s art and culture scene. Our partners benefit from our professional environment and a system at the highest level.

We love our craft and do it with enthusiasm. Our partners as well as our customers feel this love for the topic in our work and recognize this in the results. The effect of our strategy is not a product of chance, but the result of constant evaluation and optimization. The environmental component of manufacturing NFTs is substantial for us, as we rely on the most power-efficient and thus environmentally friendly blockchain process that is currently possible.

Team & Advisors

Canan Coen
Project management
Torben Jacobi
Sven Barth
Oliver Kohlmann
Arts & development
Clemens Pech
Chris Rambow
Social Media
Gregor Schmidt
Creative Director
Jürgen Lautenschläger
Blockchain development
Jacob Martini
Software development
Jonas Mündner